Roger Waters Online Website about my life Wed, 30 Mar 2016 08:07:09 +0000 en-US hourly 1 Accessorize Your Car With A Roof Rack Thu, 17 Mar 2016 19:02:49 +0000 The family that bikes together remains together.

Whether you’re going on a trip by yourself or with your household, there’s no reason you shouldn’t bring your bicycles in addition to you, and every reason that you should.

Why should I bring my bike when I might probably rent one wherever I go, you’ll be asking yourself.

Since bicycles that are provided for rent are typically not of the very best quality. They’re generally ‘beaters’ – just something on two wheels for people to obtain around. And if you’re used to your very own bike you won’t enjoy tooling around on something of lower quality.

There’s no space for a bike in my car with all my baggage, you’ll say next.

This is not an issue either. Buy a roof bike rack. No have to stress that there’s no space for your bikes – just put them on top of your automobile in the rack. It might look odd to drive around with bikes standing on top of your automobile, but it’s aerodynamic, and the bikes are much safer than they would be if they remained in a rack at the back of your vehicle, where a careless motorist could bump into them.

Another need to bring your bikes with you on any trip is you’ll save the expense of leasing bikes at your location. Not only will these rental bikes not be great, but they’ll cost everyone a daily charge, which you might better utilize to invest in food or mementos.

Roofing system Bike Racks Are Ideal for Near Journeys in addition to Far

Even if you don’t intend on taking journeys to distant places, a roof bike rack is still the way to go. No more having to take off the wheels to obtain the bike to suit your trunk. No more stressing whether grease or dirt will stain the automobile’s interior. Simply put the bike on the roof and away you go.

There are a number of brand names of roofing bike racks. Each one does need the installation of a multi-purpose roofing system rack “base system” which continues to be on top of your car even when you take the bikes off. However, considering that the rack base system is multi-purpose, you’ll likewise have the ability to bring not just bikes but skis, snowboards, canoes, and even cargo boxes.

Every bike rack system has concerns that you need to know. For the roofing rack, the essential thing to bear in mind that you actually have something high strapped to the top of your vehicle. You’ll have no problem going through tunnels, but if you have access to a garage, make certain the garage door is totally open prior to you aim to drive in!

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Roger Waters New Washburn Signature Guitar Tue, 15 Mar 2016 10:00:11 +0000 Roger Waters New Washburn Signature Guitar

Think Pink Floyd + P.A.W.N. LASER @ Levoy Theater, Millville NJ 2/26/2016
Source: Flickr

Washburn Guitars is a department of U.S. Music Corp., a world leader in the production and distribution of fretted instruments, amplification and sound reinforcement. The 125-year-old company started as a top quality stringed instrument manufacturer in Chicago and has actually since acquired Oscar Schmidt (makers of the AutoHarp and student instruments), Sound Tech (sound support and pro audio gear), Randall Amplifiers and it’s latest acquisition, Vinci Strings. U.S. Music Corp. is ranked as one of the leading 50 companies in the music industry worldwide and is currently located in Mundelein, Illinois.

Numerous excellent guitar players are playing Washburn guitars. Pink Floyd co-founder Roger Waters has actually been playing the Washburn RR300 for two years and has actually been very impressed with the guitar over this time. When Washburn approached him about a Signature Limited Edition, he gladly accepted work with Washburn on this special offering.

The RW300 unites a Seymour Duncan P90 style pickup and a Fishman preamp with a piezo bridge. These pickups, in mix with the chambered mahogany body and solid spruce top, minimize the possibility of feedback and give the RW300 a significantly accurate and vibrant acoustic tone. Roger was the creator and sonic architect of such indisputable classics as Dark Side Of The Moon (which spent nearly 15 years on the Signboard 200 album chart), The Wall (which has actually been certified 23x RIAA platinum), Animals, Desire You Were Here, and Final Cut. Following Last Cut, Roger Waters left Pink Floyd.

His first full-length solo album, The Advantages and disadvantages of Hitchhiking was launched in April 1984 to terrific critical and popular success, creating his very first solo trip. June 1987’s Radio K.A.O.S. continued the path of solo success, bringing Roger back to the phase. His last full-length solo album, the moody and ironic Amused To Death, thought about by many to be a comparable achievement to Dark Side Of The Moon or The Wall, was launched in August 1992.

Waters has actually been working on Ca Individual retirement account (noticeable sa-ira), an opera in English and French, a brand-new rock album to be released in 2002 and Echoes the best of Pink Floyd, which was re-mastered by long period of time Pink Floyd manufacturer James Guthrie.

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Top Tips On Home Roof Repairs You Can Do Yourself Tue, 01 Mar 2016 11:07:07 +0000 iceland-725904_1920

One of the hardest things to do is stand on the ground and make an honest assessment of the condition of your roof. There are many different parts of a roof, some far more prone to deterioration than others. Parts of your roof that face north, or are shaded more, tend to be worse off than where the sun shines, but the hot sun can also be bad as well. Here are some tips on home roof repairs to get you started.

Pay Special Attention To Roof Cap

If the main portion of your roof shingles are cupped, have lost their sand, or are missing sections, you’ll really have to reshingle the whole things soon. However, if you uppermost shingle along the ridge has cracked, you can carefully tear those off and replace them. It’s not a hard job if your roof is walkable if you have to work on a steep roof, or from a ladder, it’s time to call a professional.

All you have to do is get some matching shingles and cut them exactly like the roof cap that’s there already. Then pull the old ones off and renail new ones exactly the same. They should overlap the same and be nearly identical in most every detail. Due to fading, you may have trouble matching the color, so be aware of that.

Valleys And Flashings Are Also Likely To Wear Out Early

The valleys are another part that tends to wear out much sooner than the rest of the roof. They are a little harder to do if you haven’t done one before, but if you see several of them are bad you may be able to hire a roofing contractor to replace just that part. Then, you should be able to get another five to seven years from the rest of your roof.

Flashings are another weak point, but mostly because when people reroof their homes they just put new shingles over the old, and leave the same flashings in place. When flashings rust out they usually cause leaks that can be detrimental to your interior walls and ceilings, so you need to do them right.

Many times you can install a new flashing directly over the old as long as you make sure that the shingles overlap the same way. If not, you may have to install larger flashings tucked farther under the existing shingles and then patch with tar based roof patch or roof cement.
This will only be a temporary fix, lasting a few years until you completely reroof you house.

One of the biggest problems with a leaking roof is that the water tends to run down on the inside of your home and come out quite a distance from the actual leak. When you climb up to take a look, always inspect higher up on the roof all the way to the peak above where the leak comes through inside.

If these tips on home roof repairs sound too difficult for you, or you aren’t comfortable climbing a ladder, then you might want to call a roofing contractor to do the work. You can at least have one come and give you a free quote and an honest assessment of the problems you have.

The Importance Of Flowers. Thu, 04 Feb 2016 11:04:58 +0000 rose-141314_1920

Flowers play a major role in our daily lives. There are numerous species of flowers everywhere on earth. We should nurture them. It is crucial that everybody learns of the importance of flowers so that they can be able to appreciate them more.
Flowers are important in our daily lives as they enable us to express our emotions. They are commonly used to express feelings such as love or gratitude. They can also be used to show that one is sorry. Apart from that, they are used in funerals to show the importance of a loved one and in weddings to emphasize the mood.

Flowers are important as they are the source of nectar. When bees get nectar from the flowers, they use it to make honey in their beehives. Flowers also provide the nectar for birds as well as other types of insects.

Some flowers are used to create fragrances in perfumes. They are used alongside other industrial chemicals to create sprays and deodorants.
In addition to that, there are some flowers that contain healing properties. They are used by herbalists to make medicines. They can also be used to make skin oils. Some flower species are used in foods to create spices. These are such as sage. Not only do they keep the food spicy, but they also keep it fresh. Some are put in tea such as chamomile.
There are flowers that are used in embalming of bodies, since they keep away bad odors. These have been used for generations for that purpose even before the advanced embalming procedures were set in place. They are a natural way of ensuring the bad odors are kept at bay.
Some herbivorous animals also feed on wild flowers. They are a good source of food for them. Some of these animals even eat flowers to aid them in digestion. The particular flowers that they feed on contain herbal properties.
Some flowers are also used in creating medicines. They can be used to cure ailments such as sore throats and coughs. The extract from these flowers has medicinal properties that can heal such ailments.
The importance of flowers is also conveyed in the home. One can use flowers to make a beautiful garden where people can relax and feel the fresh air. Without flowers, there would not be any beautiful and colorful gardens to see. In addition to that, flowers can be placed inside the house to give the room a vibrancy that other sorts of decorations cannot achieve.
Flowers can be used to study the science of nature. Since there are so many species, scientists can use them to learn more about the flowers and what type of environments they can grow on. They can also cross-breed them to make new species of flowers possibly more beautiful than the original ones and those that can grow in all kinds of climates.
Flowers can also be used to study insects as the nectar that specific insects feed on is found in the flowers. As such, flowers should be well- maintained.

Reasons Why Garage Feng Shui Is Important Mon, 01 Feb 2016 16:04:22 +0000 jag-891138_1280

There is an ancient Eastern tradition developed in China known as feng shui. It is a way of positioning certain things either in nature, or things that you position within your home or on your property, that can create proper balance in your life. This is an esoteric way of thinking, one that is based upon the idea that all things that are made of matter are also made of energy. All things are also emanating energy at certain frequencies, and those frequencies can affect the balance of your life. The word itself is representative of simply wind and water, showing how this philosophy was developed based upon observations in nature. This article will address how you can effectively improve the condition of your garage, which could in turn affect your life in a positive way, doing what is called garage feng shui.

How To Do Feng Shui

There are several things to consider when you do this system of organizing items in your home or garage. Developed in mainland China, back in the 1960s, it was thought to be simply a folk remedy or perhaps rooted in ancient superstitions. Today, there are thousands of practitioners, many of which are professionals, that are actually hired by individuals and businesses to improve their levels of prosperity and even their health by having proper organization of the things that they own at their office or home. You do feng shui by recognizing that the cardinal points are of utmost importance when placing certain items in your home, their positioning with in the context of a room, and also using certain items. You may see people with a large fish tank that is adjacent to a doorway, or you may notice that people have positioned bookshelves pointing away from their back if this is an office. All of these things pertain to balancing the energy in the home, and the same is true with your garage.

How To Do Garage Feng Shui

The very first thing that you need to do is eliminate all of the unnecessary clutter that is almost always in the garage area. It is essentially a catchall location for everything that you cannot part with, but you also do not need. You can simply have someone come over with a truck, load up all of the junk, and take it to the trash. Once done, most people will have a sizable amount of room to work with things away from the garage door, which can help you balance the energy. You do not want to have anything facing the entryway into the garage, or this could cause bad energy. It is also important to make everything a symmetrical as possible, and align things to the north, east, south and west. Once you are done, you will then want to evaluate not only how it looks, but also how it feels, which is the essence of how a feng shui practitioner can tell if the job is complete.

Though this may seem unnecessary, and simply another way of referencing how to unclutter a garage, there is actually good science behind the need for organization in cluttered areas, something that can help you unclutter your mind. The more organized that you are physically, whether you are at the office, or at your home, this will help you function in a much more fluid fashion simply because everything around you will be in its proper place and order.

Silvio Andrea Tue, 05 Jan 2016 13:01:04 +0000 SilvioAndreaHello there, my name is Silvio Andrea, and I am a freelance journalist, and a designer currently residing in Palermo, Italy. As you can tell from the name of my blog this blog is not going to be about me (my friends who are reading this are probably laughing right now, – “whaaat…Silvio? Something you create is not going to be about you? Serious? “haha. They call the egocentric egomaniac for some unknown reason.

Anyways, – I found Pink Floyd when I was sixteen or seventeen years old. I remember my friends, and fellow classmates were getting into rave music, all that weird, baggy, druggy (I’m not saying that psychedelic Pink Floyd rock music was not druggy in the way, – but it’s different kind of drugginess if you know what I mean, – sure you do). Anyways, they were getting into that modern (back then) music scene, and somehow all I wanted to, and all I wanted to look at was rock music from the past. The doors, the beatles, the rolling stones, the kings – amazing bands. Nevertheless they were all lacking substance or me. Maybe the doors, and the lizard king himself – they were kind of close – close to that source from witch only the best dark things descends.

Anyway, – and then I found Pink Floyd, – to be more precise, – the first thing I found was Syd Barret, and then, – I got into his band (I found his solo records first, – and I was fascinated by the dark madness the records were filled with). Then I got into the band itself, – first few super dark pop singles, Arnold Layne, Apples and Oranges – incredible.

Then I started reading about other band members and Roger Waters came across,- what a fascinating person, fascinating musician and individual. Living legend. So I dedicate this website to Roger Waters and his loving fans.

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